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Fellow OLI member!
Ask tell your followers that we need a Jane,Emma and Manny but more importantly a Manny :D Thanks you <3
ooc// - Emilee

Will do :) and actually my friend Rachael is already making an Emma one right now !

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You guys stuff is happening I don’t really want to talk about it. I might not been on for a while. But I am liking crying my eyes out.

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I get no messages, aren’t I popular?

They get message (200) and their all like:

I get message (1) and I’m all:

If I got (200) in my ask I’d be like:

And I’d be answering them like a boss:

but no, no one ever sends me anything.

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Drop something in my ask box.



 - I love you.

 ^.^  - You’re cute.

(: - You’re pretty.

:) - I have a crush on you.

Or drop one of these and I’ll tell you…

R - Something random

S - A secret.

P- Most painful happening in my life.

B - One of the best moments that had happened to me.

F - My dreams/ambitions/plans for the future


 i’ll do it back if you’re not anon

3 years ago on 3 April 2011 @ 10:34pm
Hey just saying hi to the new people I have put that off for to long. Hi welcome to Degrassi, I'm Drew Torres.

Hi, I am Destiny :) nice to meet you